Download Free Ringtones For Mobile

Music makes the world go round and we all like to be up to date with the newest songs on our mobile device, not to mention showing off that you have the latest ringtones when your android or ios device rings.

While it can be daunting to find the best ringtones for free, we have set out to do some research and show you which sites and apps now make it possible to get them.

Before the world of APPs became as prominent as they now are, we had to rely on websites for links to directly download our favorite ringtones.

There are thousands of websites out there, but not all of them have the best interfaces and you have many hoops to jump through with most of them before you can actually download a ringtone. However, here are some of the best websites for downloading ringtones:


Zedge is one of the easiest and fastest ways to download your favorite ringtones. Not only do they offer a clean interface with limited ads, but they give you direct links almost immediately to download your favorite tones. The site is updated daily, making it possible to find all the latest tones without digging too deep.

Additionally, users can choose to create an account on the site and this will give you access to things like wallpapers, while also sharing some of your favorite tones with friends and family. Everyone can now join in the fun.



Tones7 is a little bit different, but the site still offers users the ability to download many great ringtones. It features a dark interface with limited ads that allow you to quickly navigate to your favorite tones. It gives users all the important information like name and size while allowing you to play the ringtone before downloading to ensure it is the right one.



Mobile9 is one of the older websites that is still active. The site initially rose to fame with new applications and some of the latest wallpapers. However, they have also taken on the world of ringtones and allow you to find your favorites without too much effort. The site is secure and it allows you to find free ringtones. Also, it remains one of my favorites for selecting my phone or video call ringtones.

Mobile Ringtones

One of the most famous sites used in India today is the site. It has a massive following and features more than 50 different categories to make surfing the site a little easier. The site is clean and easy to use, with many ringtones that are uploaded by the community. It is worth noting that you should have some sort of anti-virus protection when you are downloading anything uploaded by the community.

Audiko is one of the most versatile sites you can choose to download free ringtones. The site not only uploads all the latest ringtones daily, but they have special tools for users that like to customize their ringtones. This tool will enable you to create some of your own ringtones to match your needs if you have the skills.

Best Apps For Downloading Ringtones:

In the modern era, we have been gravitating towards apps more. An app is easier to use and the interface is cleaner for beginners. Nowadays, most sites have developed their own apps to allow people to download some of their favorite ringtones without all the drag of being on a website or risk potential viruses.



As mentioned in the website section, Zedge is one of the top options for users looking for new ringtones. While you can download all the ringtones from their webpage, the app makes it much easier to do so. The app is easy to use and all the ringtones are completely free, allowing you to find the right ringtone with ease.

Ringtone Maker

If you are looking to find something for your iPhone, the Ringtone Maker APP is one of the best to choose from. Not only is the APP completely free, but it has a lot of ringtones that you simply cannot find elsewhere. Additionally, it allows users to create their own ringtones once you have a basic understanding of the tools.

Top Funny Ringtones

We all like to have a ringtone that sets us apart from the others. A funny ringtone not only makes your mobile unique, but it will draw a lot of attention from your friends. This application is free to download and offers you unlimited funny ringtones to choose from. However, you might not always find all of your favorite songs here.

Best Ringtone Maker & Ringtones:

Since IOS devices can be a little daunting to work with, many people choose Android if they want free ringtones. However, the “Best Free Ringtone Maker & Ringtones” application is one of the top options for iPhone users. It has a unique interface that is really easy to use, while also giving you tools to create some of your own ringtones.

Audiko APP


The Audiko APP is one of the older versions, but the application has been refined completely. Not only does Android and IOS users have the ability to find all their favorite ringtones, but they also have the best quality to choose from. Most of the ringtones here are only accepted if they are in HD quality, which means you will have one of the top ringtones on your device.

Mobile9 Deco


Since we all want versatility, the Mobile9 Deco APP is one of the best options for users that want everything packed into one application. Not only does the site have some of the top free ringtones, but it also features many more things for users to do. If you don’t want to pay for games, you might be lucky to find them on this application for free.

Ringtone DJ

One of the most infamous applications to make your life easier is the Ringtone DJ application. The application not only gives you the top ringtones and charts but enables the user to create some of their favorite older ringtones. The tool is fairly easy to use and should make life much easier for users without experience.

3 Steps To Download Ringtones For Android

If you are having trouble with downloading ringtones to your Android device, you might need to follow some of these steps. Here is how you can download ringtones for your device with the least amount of hassles.

1. Find the right site and ringtone:

Android does not have too many hassles and you can easily find the right site. Once you have it, you need to get the ringtone and find the link. Most of the links will be direct and you can easily click on them to download the ringtone.

2. Allow Unknown Sources:

Whether you are using a site or an application, Android devices have a protected feature that blocks unknown downloads. You might need to deactivate this feature until you are finished downloading your favorite ringtone to your device.

3. Find It And Set It As Ringtone:

Once you have it downloaded, it might be in your sound or download folder. This will vary from device to device and you will need to look for it. Once you have it, you can listen to it and also set it as your ringtone. Since the file is securely downloaded on your device, it will remain there until you delete it or wipe the device.

You can also check out this tutorial:

 3 Steps To Download Ringtones For iPhone:

IOS devices can be a little more daunting to get ringtones for. This is not only because of the device security, but IOS only trusts itself.

You might need to purchase most of your ringtones or consider using APPs to get the right ringtone. It can be hard to download something random from the internet with an iPhone:

1. Install A Free Ringtone APP:

One of the easiest ways to circumvent all the security features from IOS is to find the right APPs that allow this. You can download the app without rooting the device and download some of your favorite ringtones to your device from these apps.

2. Create Your Own Ringtone:

If you can’t find a way to download a ringtone, you might want to recreate the ringtone. This is generally free and it gives you some creative control over the process as well. Simply find the right cords and manually add them a ringtone creator.

3. Purchase:

If you really can’t find what you are looking for, you might need to consider the iTunes APP. Here you will be able to purchase your favorite ringtones and even play them as you like. By subscribing, you can potentially download unlimited ringtones while you pay a monthly fee.


The world of ringtones might not be as affluent as it once was.

However, these tips, sites, and applications can allow you to still download or create your favorite ringtones for any device.

Let us know which sites you prefer using and if you have ever used any of the above-mentioned APPS or sites for ringtones.