Download Free Ringtones For Android

Android devices are much easier to use when you are looking for free ringtones. With fewer restrictions and the bulk of the population using an Android device in some form or another, you might want to stand out and be unique. The following article discusses some of the easy methods and best sites you can use for downloading free ringtones for Android devices.

Best Websites to Download Free Ringtones For Android:

With so many different sites available, it is no wonder that many people get confused or simply stick to the standard ringtones. We often don’t know which sites to trust and use for free ringtones. If you have a particular ringtone in mind and you are eager to find it, these sites might be of help to your cause:


Zedge Free Ringtone

No matter how many reviews you read, you will always find the Zedge is at the top of the list somewhere. The site has been around for many years and features a sleek design with a fast and reliable search engine. Additionally, Android users can preview all the ringtones to make sure that they find the precise one they are looking for.



Quality is important when you are looking for a ringtone. Tones7 helps you avoid bad ringtones that do not work on your device. Users have a variety of different formats to choose from and they can easily find all the ringtones they like. Tags are in place to help you find the ringtone genres that you might be looking for.



Mobile9 is not going anywhere and it is still rated among the top ringtone sites at the moment. The library is vast and it features ringtones from the past. You don’t need to sign up for any subscriptions and you can preview all the ringtones you choose. Mobile9 is not only great for Android but supports IOS as well.


A big frustration for many people is waiting for the ringtones to download. However, CellBeat mitigates this with instant downloads. It has a clear and concise interface with clear categories you can choose to find your favorite tones. Unfortunately, not all these categories contain music relevant to the genre you have selected.


MyTinyPhone is one of our favorite ringtone websites, as it features a load of great ringtones that can help you customize your device. The ringtones are rated once downloaded, allowing you to see if you want to download a particular ringtone. If you don’t like the site, you can also try to use the application.



Melofania is the ideal site for users that do not want to spend hours waiting or avoiding any ads. The site has a clear interface and makes scrolling around easy. You can find what you are looking for in just a couple of minutes. Downloads are instant, reducing the time you need to wait for the tones to be in your device.



At first, you might think that the ringtones here are only for Apple devices. However, this is not the case and you can use the site for downloading a vast selection of ringtones. It has many different formats to choose from. However, the downside is that the search tool is very simple, making it hard to narrow down tones.



Mobiles24 is a modern site with all the top charts and tones for you to choose from. While it might be marketed to Apple devices, it is hard to find tones that work. Mobiles24 caters to all Android users and you should not have any issues when downloading some of your favorite tones using the website.



It is hard to compile a list and leave out Audiko. Audiko is one of the biggest search libraries for ringtones and also one of the most popular. You can find almost any ringtone that you like on the site without any hassles. A clean interface means that you don’t need to wade through masses of ads to download either.


Ringer is a very popular site for custom ringtones and while it has a vast selection of standard ringtones, you have a feature that allows you to create your own. The create part might be a little tricky at first, but you will also learn how to do it. The feature enables you to avoid any potential copyright issues.

Top Apps To Download Free Ringtones Android:

Websites make it easy to download ringtones, but we don’t always want to go back and find a site if we have loads the URL. However, applications remain on your device and can be accessed with the click of a button. Many of them also offer you more than just downloading a couple of ringtones for free. Here are a few of the best applications to consider:


Once again, you have to consider that Zedge is one of the leading apps and websites for free ringtones. The app is constantly updated and allows you to see what is trending. It has a refined search engine, making it easy to pinpoint your favorite tone. The downloads tend to be fast and you simply need to set it as a ringtone.


Audiko is probably the closest competitor to Zedge in terms of traffic and quality. The Audiko app is fairly easy to use and has a vast library of great sounds and tones. You don’t need to stick to standard songs, and you have advanced alert tones. These range from scary tones and funny tones depending on your needs.

Myxer Free Ringtones:


If you are looking for versatility, the Myxer Free Ringtones App is the perfect place to find your favorite genres, even if they might be a little obscure. However, you don’t always need to find ringtones to download with this app. The ringtone creator allows you to customize and create your favorite tones that you like.



By now, you might think that many of these applications are the same. You are right, as they only have a few slight differences. One of these differences is what Mobile9 offers you. The app allows you to share ringtones with friends and family, while also sharing them on Social Media. It has a vast selection of ringtones for your choosing.

MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers:

The benefit of using an application over that of a website is that you get some versatility. The MTP Ringtones & Wallpaper App is perfect for customization. You can find new wallpapers and themes for your device while giving you the perfect selection of new and old ringtones to choose from. The interface is smooth and ad-free.

Cool Ringtones Free:

If you don’t care for other features on your app and you want something basic for downloading ringtones, the Cool Ringtones Free app might be the perfect solution. It caters to all types of people and gives you alert tones and full ringtones. You can completely customize the sound aspect of your device with this app.

Ringtone Maker Free:

It takes skill to create ringtones, but if you want to be unique, it might be a skill you need to consider learning. The Ringtone Maker Free App allows you to learn gradually how to build your very own ringtones with guidance. It also offers you a tutorial on how to customize the tons if you want something different.

MP3 Cutter And Ringtone Maker:

Last but certainly not least, we have the king of customization. The MP3 Cutter And Ringtone Maker is an application that helps you trim down tones to the specific section that you like. However, modern Android devices also do this automatically when you set the ringtone. You also have a functional ringtone maker with this app.

Legal Disclaimer:

In most countries, it is illegal to download ringtones, especially songs and full ringtones from artists. It can violate copyright laws, which carry a stiff financial penalty and might even lead to imprisonment in certain countries.

We do not encourage the download of illegal materials or ringtones that could harm the artist or creator. This guide is purely for information purposes and should not serve as motivation to infringe on copyright laws. Keep in mind that tones such as alert tones do not carry copyright protection and can be downloaded. The same applies to custom tones. The information should be used within the laws of the country you live in.


While every mobile device is marketed as being unique, the content on the devices is very similar. With a custom ringtone or a few alert tones, you can change this to reflect your personality. Let us know which of these tones applications and websites you enjoy and if we missed any other websites or applications that you use.