Download Free Ringtones For Android

Compared to the ever-popular IOS operating system, it is much easier to download your favorite ringtones and songs when you have an Android device.

We will tell you some of the top sites and applications that you can use to download free ringtones for Android devices.

Best Free Ringtone Sites For Android:

Free Ringtones For Android

Android has always been one of the easiest devices to use when you are looking for free ringtones. You can find thousands of good sites that offer you top quality free ringtones at the touch of a button.

While many of them are not user-friendly, we have set out to find the fastest and most effective sites for your new Android ringtones:

1. Zedge:

Zedge is the most popular site by far and many people use it to find the tones they have been looking for. The site has one of the cleanest interfaces on the web and it is not cluttered with too many ads that will direct you elsewhere. The simple search function works easily to track down these ringtones and use them for your device.

Additionally, the site allows you to play the ringtones and see for yourself if they are the right ones you like. This will keep users from accidentally downloading the wrong ringtones that they might not want or have been wrongly named.

2. Notification Sounds:

This might not be the best site for your traditional ringtones, but the site has many notification tones and sounds. Most of these are commonly pre-loaded to mobile devices, but they have a variety for almost any device. You can use them to distinguish between different applications if you need one for an important APP.

3. Melofania – Free Music Ringtones for Android

YouTube is one of the most common places we go when we are looking for music. However, the app and the site does not allow users to download videos or songs. Melofania is one of the top sites that allows you to convert your favorite videos into MP3 format. This is great for users that have a hard time finding songs or when you have the latest song that you want to download.

Unfortunately, this site does border on copyright infringement and in many countries, this can land you in a lot of hot water. You might want to use a VPN for this, but we don’t condone infringing copyright and users doing this are doing it at there own risk.

4. MyTinyPhone:

One of the largest collections of ringtones and sounds can be found on MyTinyPhone. The collection is growing by the day and the interface has been broken down into smaller sections for users. The site does not have many loops you need to jump through and you will have a ringtone ready in virtually no time at all.

5. Audiko:

One of the most reputable sites is Audiko and this site has been designed to give users access to a whole selection of different ringtones without paying a dime. Not only does it work with your country, but you can find your favorite tones in your own language and your very own specific songs that you like with the charts being provided.

6. Tones7:

Tones7 has not been designed only for Android devices but also works with many IOS devices. It has a variety of different tones and all of these are free. The site is clean and provides you with different format options for your device. Finally, you can preview all of the tones before you download them to your device.

7. Mobile9:

Lastly, you can consider choosing the Mobile9 site for many of your top ringtones that you don’t want to pay for. The site has a collection of new and older ringtones but includes a filter that makes the search process that much easier. It basically has all the different ringtones and sounds that you might have been looking for.

Best APPs For Downloading Free Android Ringtones:

If you don’t like browsing the internet and scrolling through many different lists, you might need to find a decent application to make life easier. These applications are free to download and they allow you to find the ringtones for free as well. Now, you can easily find the right ringtone or even sound for whatever needs you to have:

1. Zedge APP:

Zedge is not only known for one of the best websites that offer you free ringtones but lately, they have also introduced a coveted application that will make this possible. The application is one of the simplest we have ever used, with a search engine and multiple charts that indicate which ringtone is the newest.

2. Myxer Free Ringtones APP:

Those of you with artistic aspirations might find the Myxer Free Ringtone APP as one of the top options on this list. The application is completely free to download and features some of the latest tones. However, you have a tool to create your own tones. Additionally, the APP can also be used to customize some of the best tones that you already have.

3. MTP Ringtone And Wallpapers:

Nothing is better than an application that gives you complete freedom and versatility, especially if all of the features on the APP is completely free. The MTP Ringtone And Wallpapers APP is the ideal APP for the job and instead of only giving you good quality ringtones, you also have a couple of wallpapers and other features to make use of.

4. Ringdroid:

Ringdroid is one of the older applications that many people still choose for their favorite tones. Not only does the APP keep up to date with all the latest music trends, but it is constantly improving the APP to make it more user-friendly. Ringdroid is a basic application that allows you to do all the common things you would expect while finding the right free music ringtones.

5. MP3 Cutter And Ringtone Maker:

Nothing gives a person more versatility than finding a ringtone maker that allows them to customize every aspect of a given tone. Fortunately, MP3 Cutter And Ringtone Maker will give you all of this and allow you to design your own ringtones. However, the APP does not have a lot of existing tones, aside from the community uploads.

6. Audiko APP:

Zedge and Audiko have been competing with one another for a long time now. Since Zedge has a top APP, the Audiko APP is also one that you can expect to give you many benefits and allow you to find the latest ringtones. Not only does it have a clean interface, but you are not constantly bombarded with ads that force you to click to another site.

7. Ringtone Maker:

One of the best interfaces that you will find when you like to create your own ringtones is with the Ringtone Maker APP. Not only does it guide you through all the steps, but you can download these ringtones for your mobile device. Much like the other APPs, it mostly consists of ringtones that have been created by the community.

8. Zen Ringtones:

If you need a couple of tones and notification sounds, the Zen Ringtones APP will be the best option for your Android device. It has numerous different notification tones and already uploaded ringtones to give you something new and exciting. The APP is completely free and gives you the best off the best with a complete chart setup.

Disclaimer Notice:

It is important that you understand some of the laws in your country and around the world when it comes to free ringtones. Generally, you will pay for ringtones, especially those that are designed by sound engineers. Since these people need to be paid and the artists also expect some sort of royalties, you must pay for them.

While many of these sites and applications will enable you to download the ringtones for free, you need to keep in mind that copyright infringement is a serious crime. This can potentially land you in some hot water with the authorities and having a VPN might be one of the best ways to ensure they don’t track you down.

Alternatively, you might need to consider creating your own ringtone. If you can create your own ringtone or download one that has been created, you won’t be violating any laws. Most ringtone APPS will have this feature and they will mostly have created ringtones on their sites. This will still give you the same desired sound without the vocals or songs.

Check out this video to know the all-time hit ringtones of 2019:


No matter which song or ringtone you want, you can now easily find them for your Android device. With so many different sites to choose from, we hope that these sites will enable you to do it with the least amount of hassles. Let us know which APPs and sites you prefer and if we might have missed, any of your favorites for downloading free ringtones for Android.