Erotic Humiliation
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Princess Kali, a famous former Dominatrix and world-renowned Humiliatrix, throws open the dungeon doors to explore the complex desires that fuel this erotic of psychological play for both dominants and submissives. Using both personal experience and extensive interviews she shares advice and detailed ideas for a broad range of embarrassing, humiliating, and degrading ways to enjoy consensual kinky fun. Also covered are important concepts such as communication, negotiation, consent, triggers, aftercare, and so much.

Princess Kali takes her kink seriously and has spent over fourteen years exploring not only the how but the why of alternative lifestyles. Her experience working as a professional dominatrix has given her a unique understanding of the motivations behind erotic humiliation play as well as a passion for helping people participate in it more safely and enjoyably. Her humiliation and engaging style of presenting has been welcomed at more than venues including kink events such as Dark Odyssey, Fetish Fair Fleamarket, Kink in the Caribbean, and IMsL as well as mainstream venues such as Harvard University and SXSW.

As the founder of Erotication. Her work continues to inspire and support many other kink educators, writers, and enthusiasts.

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In den Warenkorb. Buchbeschreibung Paperback. Zustand: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. Enough to Make You Blush separates the rumors from the facts and explains why some people think being completely awful is absolutely wonderful.


Erotic humiliation goes far beyond the "Lick my boots! Princess Kali, a pioneering kink educator and presenter, goes deep into the underlying desires that fuel this kind of play on both sides of the equation.

Using both personal experience and extensive interviews she talks about the important distinctions between ideas such as embarrassment, humiliation, degradation, objectification, as well as what it is that draws people to each "Being human is really complicated. Being a lamp is not. Enough to Make You Blush is a practical guide as well, describing common forms of humiliation play with frank advice and suggestions.

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Through it all, Princess Kali keeps focus on the pleasure and intimacy that erotic humiliation can bring to partners. Whether you are curious to try or simply want to understand another dimension of human sexuality, Enough to Make You Blush will not disappoint you.

Buchbeschreibung Zustand: New. Buchbeschreibung Paperback or Softback. Enough to Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation. This item is printed on demand. New copy - Usually dispatched within working days.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Book is in NEW condition.

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Verwandte Artikel zu Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation. Kali, Princess Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation ISBN Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation. Kali, Princess.

Enough to make you blush: exploring erotic humiliation

ISBN ISBN Verlag: Erotication Publications Alle Exemplare der Ausgabe mit dieser ISBN anzeigen:. Neu kaufen Mehr zu diesem Angebot erfahren. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch:. Beste Suchergebnisse bei AbeBooks. Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation Paperback Princess Kali.

Verlag: Erotication Publications, United States Neu Paperback Anzahl: Neu kaufen EUR 17, Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation Princess Kali. Verlag: - - Neu - Anzahl: Neu kaufen EUR 14, Enough to Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation Paperback or Softback Kali, Princess. Neu Paperback or Softback Anzahl: BargainBookStores Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

Neu kaufen EUR 15, Versand: EUR 7,28 Von USA nach Deutschland. Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation Kali, Princess.

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