How Make Or Get Free Ringtones Online?

Is that Selena Gomez’s new song stuck in your head? Have you been humming it while finishing your assignment? Do you have a melody in your head right now? If you’re a musically inclined person who loves jamming to music and creating their own, this is the article of you!

The world of technology is marvelous. Today, not only you can do away with the same old ringtones, but you can also download or make new ones online absolutely free.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best websites on the internet that’ll allow you to either get or make free ringtones.

Here Are The List Of Best Websites To Make Free Ringtones



Zedge is infamous for its massive collection of ringtones. Starting with hip party sounds to alarm tones and even cat and game sounds, it’s an endless list of choices.

If you’re unsure about what you’re downloading, preview it before you click the button. They even offer a list of trendy ringtones on their website. As if this wasn’t cool enough, they even have an Android app of their own!



There is sheer joy in the ability to mix sounds and create your own music. The ability to make that your ringtone simply adds a cherry on top of the cake. This website makes just this dream a reality, by providing you with a free, fast and stable solution where you can perform your experiments at your free will.

Moreover, it requires no additional software or training. You can cut, edit, extract sound from any video whatsoever and it even supports all kinds of audio formats. Just upload your audio file, and get mixing!



A very chic looking website, Melofania is the go-to website for every Pop-culture fan in the world. Are you addicted to Ariana Grande’s latest song or is it Camila Cabello? This website comes with a two-in-one package that saves you from the hassle of choosing between your favorite artists.

You can create your ringtone from audio files saved on the website along with YouTube videos. At the same time, you can even download ringtones already available on the website. All you have to do is search for ringtones by the artist’s name.

Mobile Ringtones

One of the best-rated websites, Mobile Ringtones currently houses more than fifty categories for ringtones, giving you ample options to choose from.

It is also updated regularly making sure they bring you the trendiest and most happening music.

They also have an app of their own that is available on Google Play Store, making your work a lot easier. 

Cutmp3. Net

Simple user-friendly websites are a pure form of joy to work on. Not only they are easy to work on but they are also fun to use. Cutmp3.Net understands the appeal in making your own ringtone while at the same time works hard enough to ensure that the quality of your audio is not compromised.

In order to use this website and their excellent features, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your device which, honestly, is not very tasking. That’s all you need for one of the best ringtone making experience.


MTP-My Tiny Phone

It is funny how this website has the word ‘tiny’ in their name when they have about half a million ringtones on their website. You can browse through this enormous list under several categories such as genre, upload date and popularity among others.

They are not dogmatic about their method of availing their ringtones by providing a variety of downloading options to suit individual needs and preferences.

If you choose to register with them, you even get a special benefit where you can upload your own MP3 files that can be turned into a customized ringtone. 


There you have it – the best websites to get or make free ringtones for your phone. All of these websites are easy to use, which means even the non-techy will have a great experience.

Which one are you going to try out first? Let us know in the comments!