How To Change Ringtone On iPhone?

A lot of people can’t stand the default iPhone ringtone, so a great way to break out of it is to simply change it. In fact, I like to call the action of changing your iPhone ringtone as “breaking out of monotony”. 

Almost everybody uses the same old ringtone, so it’s always good to stand out from the rest. But the big question is “How do I change my iPhone ringtone?”

Changing ringtone on your iPhone is pretty tricky if you must call it that way. It’s not as simple as how you’d do on an Android phone. Apple is known for restricting things and this is one area that is affected.

Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you might think. Let me show you how to change your default iPhone ringtone to something else. Let’s dive right in!

NOTE: Since it is now the time of iOS 13.2, this whole tutorial will be according to the latest changes.

How To Change The Ringtone On iPhone

change ringtone

Follow the below steps closely to change the ringtone on your iPhone.

Step 1: Start from the Settings app and then go the Sounds

Step 2: In the sounds and Vibrations patterns, click on the first option which is the Ringtones

Step 3: Then, you can connect to the Tone Store for newly purchased tones or just simply download all purchased tones

If you have never installed any ringtones or downloaded them, you can learn how to buy ringtones on the iPhone Tone Store. There are quite a few ways to do it.

What if you want a custom song to be as your ringtone? How would you do that? Well, there are two ways for this and one involves using your iTunes and the other one doesn’t require any. Here is what to do when you have no iTunes available:

Step 1: This is the preparatory step where you have to download the song or import it in your Music library

Step 2: Download the Garage Band app and launch it. After you open the app, click on the view button

Step 3: Now tap on the loop browser option which is on the top right side of the app

Step 4: Now, tap on the music tab to select the song from the Albums, Artists, Playlists

Step 5: Add the song to the Garage Band by dragging the song to the left or the right

Step 6: Edit the song to suit your ringtone time. This app has a lot of editing options and if you think that the ringtone is too long or short, you can add bars to the song.

You can drag the lines from left to right or right to left to trim the dong. You can loop it or split the song too. Once the song is set, you can proceed further.

Step 7: After that, tap on the down arrow and go for my songs. Then you can press and hold the thumbnail for your song.

Step 8: After that, you can tap on the share icon. You will get a few options and then, you can choose the ringtone option. Name the ringtone as you wish.

Step 9: The ringtone will be successful and once that is done, you will get a dialog box that will ask you how to use the song and you can set it to ringtone.

How To Change A Ringtone For A Particular Person In Our Contacts?

Did you know you can set a particular ringtone for a particular person? It’s very simple.

Go to the Contacts app, find the person and tap on the name. Then, you can simply tap on the edit which is on the upper right corner of the screen. Then once that is done, you can tap on a ringtone or the text tone to choose a new sound for the contact. All done!


I believe you’re now convinced that changing your iPhone ringtone is not THAT complicated. You can memorize the steps or refer to this article whenever you want a change from your current ringtone. 

You can also make as many custom ringtones you like. The process is very simple but you need to follow the prerequisites. Purchase or download free music that you want to have as your ringtone and you can easily do the other steps in the Garage Band app.