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Wow classic: die todesminen – the deadmines

Der Wowhead Client ist eine kleine Anwendung, die wir benutzen, um unsere Datenbank aktuell zu halten und um dir einige hübsche Extras auf der Website zu bieten! Live PTR. Classic TBC. Classic Aussehen Thottbot Aussehen. Kommentare Kommentar von This quest is done outside of Deadmines.

There is a lighter colored area on the mini-map. This is where the undead are, the named elite "Foreman Thistlenettle" is the one that drops the badge.

Just to clarify on my post. When you reach the split I mentioned before where if you turn right west you head towards the instance; strait ahead of you is a recessed area. Where you want to go is across the bridge on the left -- the undead are strait ahead and to the right after the bridge. Kommentar von swotam This quest rewards Ironforge reputation as of patch 2. Kommentar von This is in the same area as the Collecting Memories quest. Kommentar von Nordoelum This quest is soloable with a Hunter I made is just by killing some mobs, let the pet die, and run out of aggro.

And back inn again. Foreman Thistlenettle is abit hard, but just keep mind the pet. You might need to finish the fight your self. Good luck Kommentar von Hmm, after completing this quest I became honoured with darnassus, wow ironforge and darnassus are linked or it gives sumthin there too Kommentar von Thottbot It's at the end of undead part of deadmines. Not in the instance. Kommentar von Thottbot The undead section is bruder the instance.

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It is a purple hook and loop kind of off to the side. The "entrance" to the purple part is at tloc 42, You are looking for a named L20 elite undead in the loop portion of the purple. The spawn here is decently fast so unless you are overpowered you will want a group. I didn't have time to get more precise info cause I was following a L50 rogue through. Hope that gives someone else a better idea of where he is. Kommentar von Thottbot if you are a paladin like myself using sense undead will show you exactly where they all are.

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Theres about 15 undead in the small area so make sure you have a group of you. It is outside the instance so make sure you tell your group first before they run off into the portal. Kommentar von Thottbot Is "Collecting Memories" and "Oh Brother" on a chain with eachother, or are they independant and just given by the same person Can get both at the same time. Kommentar von Thottbot Fund him at Kommentar von Thottbot Can i even use miner's revenge for mining or is it just 4 usingt it as a weapon?

Kommentar von Thottbot 65,21 are the correct coords. Kommentar von Thottbot i found it quite esay i managed to do it with my level 24 worrior.

Wow classic hilfe: so kommst du zu den todesminen

Kommentar von Thottbot You can use this weapon as a mining pick now. Kommentar von Thottbot Wilder Thistlenettle is 65,21 in a bar in the southern part of the Dwarven District in SW, he also gives Collecting memories. Kommentar von Allakhazam I know it's in the purple area, I just can't figure out how to get to the purple area. Kommentar von Allakhazam Its not in the VC instance its in the tunnels on your way to the instance entrunce.


Kommentar von Allakhazam Ok, we're gonna do this backwards from the instance entrance for you Instance entrance You jumped a railing and headed towards the entrance You beared right and headed down bruder tunnel towards the railing Right there where you beared right -- instead of going that way to the left there should be a recessed area.

The undead section is located over that way sort of underneath the regular mining area. Kommentar von Allakhazam does it not work when u share the quest? Kommentar von Allakhazam Me and some of my guildmates turned the none instance upside down, so im assuming its in the instance Kommentar von Allakhazam I spent three hours last night in that dang thing. I went all the way down to the goblin refinery and didn't find them. Now, another poster says it's in the one place I didn't look in the undead area.

I didn't look there because the quest said "thieves" not "dead guys". Kommentar von Allakhazam I just finished this quest as well as Collecting Memories Die Suche nach Andenken which I recomend you have in your quest log as well since it requires the same mobs.

Also note -- the rare mob Marisa du'Paige Marisa du'Paige is under the bridge Wow don't know if this is the only place she spawns -- but that's where I found her.

Kommentar von Allakhazam 18 warr and 21 rouge completed this for a nice exp. Kommentar von Allakhazam Oh I found it- it's on the Undead Boss of the "undead sector" of the deadmines.

Looks purple on the map and is near the Van Cleef instance portal. Edited, Sun Nov 28 Kommentar von Allakhazam The boss you are looking for is outside the instance. As you travel, watch the mini map for a section that looks slightly 'purple' and that will be the area with the undead skeletons and ghouls. You must follow that section to the very end, where the boss who has the medallion will be waiting. If you're not certain where the purple section is, keep any eye out near those 'ditches' and take a bridge past the ditch, it will lead straight there, you could not possibly miss it.

Happy hunting! Kommentar von Allakhazam Foreman Thistlenettle carries the Thistlenettle's badge.

Eingang zu den todesminen

What could be more logical. He dont look like a dwarf though. Kommentar von Allakhazam So Kommentar von Allakhazam Undead Boss Purple Sector? I don't recall these from when i did VC Any more info? Kommentar von Allakhazam You know, finding where to perform quests is easy, but what happens when people share quests?

Quests in den todesminen

I never met this Wilder dude Kommentar von Allakhazam Did alone as feral druid Kommentar von Allakhazam Finshed This Quest with LVL 18 Human Paladin with a friendly neighborhood Rogue. Kommentar von Allakhazam It is in the undead upper section of the deadmines.

The undead who carries the badge is called "Foreman Thistlenettle". Kommentar von ITwoPumpChumpI My server has medium population but they are all in the 60's, so it's hard to get a group going for this, so I'm posting this in the hopes that this will help someone else: On my level 22 rogue who's a completionist and didn't want to leave this quest behindI was able to solo this guy. The regular guys at the beginning you can kind of single pull and fight on their own to get the miner cards, that's not hard as long as you pull 1 or 2 at a time, with having to use cooldowns to down 2 at oncebut Thistlenettle has a bunch of guys around him so even if you stealth to him and blow your cooldowns, you'll be fighting him along with 2 or 3 other undead, so here's how I did it: If you stealth ALL the way to the end, get as far into the corner as you can and range-pull the 1 or 2 undead there and down them, then bruder will have more room to work with from the end of that cave to Thistlenettle.

Wow for your CD's to come back, then down any leftover undead between you and Thistlenettle.

For me, it was possible to pull Thistlenettle eventually without pulling anyone else, although there was another undead close by that CAN aggro if you pull Thistlenettle while they are standing closer to each other. Get your badge for the quest and probably a green as well and stealth out of there. Oh Bruder Habt Ihr ein Lebenszeichen von meinem Bruder finden können? Besteht Hoffnung nach all dieser Zeit? Also haben meine Befürchtungen sich bestätigt. Mein armer Bruder Nun, ich danke Euch dafür, dass Ihr dieses Rätsel gelöst habt, selbst wenn die Lösung eine traurige war.

Classic Dungeon Quests Tips' Classic WoW Deadmines Guide.

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Die Todesminen sind ein Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic, welcher sich in Westfall im Östlichen Königreich befindet.






Der Wowhead Client ist eine kleine Anwendung, die wir benutzen, um unsere Datenbank aktuell zu halten und um dir einige hübsche Extras auf der Website zu bieten!